I can’t hear any words

Using the latest version of My Spelling try pressing your devices volume button.

If this does not work or your device does not have a volume button, go to the welcome page:

  • press the options button
  • press the sound settings  button
  • make sure the master volume is set correctly: it will say “hi” each time you adjust it
  • press the tick button

If you still cannot hear anything, your device’s text-to-speech engine is probably not setup correctly:

  • bring up the device’s settings (from your home screen: press the menu button or find the settings icon and press)
  • For newer versions of Android:
    • look for Language and input and press
    • look for Text to speech output and press
  • For older versions of Android:
    • look for Voice Input and Output and press
    • look for Text to speech output and press
  • look for Listen to example and and press (it should play a test message): if it does not work, either:
    • select a different text-to-speech engine,
    • change your selected text-to-speech engine’s settings,
    • OR install a new text-to-speech engine from Google Play

For more instruction, see Google Support: Language and input or Voice Input and Output.

Note: Cuddly Dragon team has also found that the SVOX text-to-speech engine is a little buggy and occasionally crashes. So if your text-to-speech stops working suddenly and it belongs in the SVOX family, you might want to try a different engine.