Year, Term and Week preferences

A school year or term can be called different things; the number of terms and weeks in your school year can also differ, depending on your country and state. Fortunately, My Spelling preferences can be changed so that your year, term and week are as you expect.


  1. Press the menu button on your device and select settings OR
  2. From the Welcome press the options button  followed by the  settings button

Year settings:

  • Special names for your first year, for example Kindergarten
  • Name for your school year, for example Grade
  • Number of school years you have, for example 1 to 6

Term settings:

  • Name for your school term, for example Semester
  • Number of school terms you have, for example 1 to 4

Week settings:

  • Number of school weeks in your school term, for example 10